Why should you purchase a Seedbox when you are a gamer

This remote server is perfect for uploads and download but you can also conduct online activities like games. If you like playing online games, or downloading them, then having a Seedbox should be the first priority. Why? It allows you to download or play online with amazing speeds. This means that the games will not start hanging or slowing down while you are playing. This is especially helpful for a two person or multiple person game. They have amazingly fast internet connection.  For gaming, a server that runs at a speed of 1 gb per second is recommended. You can download 1 gb sized games within two minutes or less. No need to wait for hours to download the game.  With this server, you will not need to be cautious about internet service providers or copyright cops going after you for downloading the online games.  It uses a BitTorrent protocol to monitor your IP address and that makes it harder to track you.

Maintain your ratio on this server is simple when you have a private tracker. This means you can upload as many files as you download. This is convenient for gamers who like downloading multiple games at a go.  When you keep a large hard drive on, the private tracker will download the file and leave it on the server uploading. Your effort will not be needed in maintaining the ratio. Your internet service provider cannot access your bandwidth; therefore they will have no power over the speed and subscription. You can download and upload as long as you need to without tampering with your home internet connection. Finally, you can access the server from anywhere as long as you have a computer and internet access. For private trackers, the bandwidth is personal and you an log in into your account and use it at full speed.